Areas of Practice

The professional team of lawyers at Kirmani International Law Firm is highly committed and serves in the following areas generally and in every other area of the law, where our valued clients seek legal advisory, consultation and assistance.

Civil Cases
Sale of property cases
Purchase of property cases
Transfer of property cases
Exchange of property cases
Co-sharer rights and obligation cases
Civil Claims
Civil Agreements
Civil Contracts
Joint ventures with a local individual or companies etc.
Joint ventures with a foreign individual or companies etc.
Preparation and Registration of Wills
Registration of Deeds & Mutations
Stay Orders
Removal of Stay Orders
Inherited Property cases
Pre Emption
Rental Disputes
And other general or situation specific cases

Family Cases
Maintenance for wife
Maintenance of Kids
Returning of Dowry Articles
Returning of Gold Jewelry
Cases under Section 22/A, 22/B
And other family related cases

Corporate Cases
Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan Cases
· Registration of Firms
· Registration of Companies
· Registration of NGO’s
· Registration of Trusts
· Federal Board of Revenue Cases
· Registration of firms and companies with district, provincial and federal chambers of commerce and industry
· Licenses
· Certifications
· Affiliations
· Enlistments
· Other corporate cases

Provincial & Federal Ombudsman’s Cases
Provincial ombudsman’s cases
Federal ombudsman’s cases

Labor Cases
Cases of Labor Courts and Tribunals
Cases of EOBI
Cases of PESSI
Cases of WWB
Private employees’ disputes with factory management
Factory management disputes with private employees
Private employee’s pension cases
Private employee’s disability compensation cases
Private employee’s death compensation cases
Private employees social welfare cases
Private employees Job related other matters
Private employees’ Daughter’s” Jahez Fund”/ Dowry Articles Allowance
Private employee’s Kids Scholarship cases
Private employee’s Free of Cost Housing Flats & Plots cases
Private employee’s Hajj & Umrah Allowance cases
Minimum wages cases
Gratuity cases
Provident fund cases
Cases of Private Employees’ Accidental death grants
Cases of Private Employees’ Accidental disability grants
Annual, casual, sick, earned and compensatory leaves cases
Cases of Industrial Relations Commission of Pakistan
Other labor cases
Intellectual Property Rights Cases
Registration of Trade Marks
Registration of patents
Registration of Industrial Designs
Registration of Integrated Circuits
Registration of copy rights
Registration of Geographical Indications
Registration of Plant Breeders Rights
Registration of GRTKF’ Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore
Other registrations and reservations

Criminal Cases
Assistance in handling Pre-Arrest Bails cases
Assistance in handling Post-Arrest Bails cases
Assistance in filing and lodging FIR against lawbreakers
Assistance in Quashing of unlawful cases
Assistance in criminal trials
Assistance in other general criminal cases
Banking Court Cases
Credit Card cases
Debit Card cases
Auto loan cases
Personal loan cases
Mortgage cases
Redemption/ recovery cases
Account frauds cases
Account funds gambling cases
Succession cases
Installment cases
Stay orders
Removal of stay orders
NAB Cases

Preparation of National Accountability Bureau Courts Cases
Assistance in National Accountability Bureau Courts Cases
Follow-up and execution of NAB related cases
General & Case Specific Legal Advisory Services and Consultation

Taxation Cases
Assistance in registration of NTN (National Tax Number) Certificate.
Assistance in registration of GST (General Sales Tax) Certificate.
Assistance in filing of Tax Returns
Assistance in Tax Calculations
Assistance in coordination with Taxation Authorities
Assistance in correction of tax amounts
Assistance in Tax Refunding
Other taxation related cases
Customs cases
Assistance in customs cases
Assistance in customs agent license
Assistance in coordination with customs officials
Legal Advisory Services for Overseas Jobs, Study Visas, Visit Visas, Immigration and Migration etc.
We don’t provide any VISA or VISA ASSURANCE but we professionally guide our respected clients in getting famous country’s visit visa, student visa, immigration visa, jobs visa and business visa etc.
We furnish general legal assistance, advisory service and professional Consultancy in this regard

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